Callisto Cards


The cigarette and postcards shown here were collected by my grandfather. The cigarette cards date from between 1904 and 1915 and were issued by John Player & Sons, Ogden's and W D & HO Wills. The Postcards are from the 1910's and 1920's, published by A Noyer, and the A Leroy et R Cremieu and R et Cie Galleries.

Cigatette Cards

Unfortunately there is only one complete cigarette card series Characters From Dickens. Several of the other series are almost complete, but a couple only have one or two cards in them. But on the whole the majority of the series have enough cards to depict the subject.

In general the condition of the cards are quite good, especially considering that some of them are over a hundred years old. Unfortunately though the majority of the cards from the Flags & Funnels of Leading Steamship Lines series are in quite poor condition, which is a pity as I believe they are the most valuable! In any case, I have no intention of selling any of them.


I haven't been able to determine whether my grandfather started to collect the postcards while he was in France during the first world war, or whether they were all purchased after the war, as he and my grandmother would visit Paris quite regularly during the 1920's.